Marches Sub-Aqua Club was formed in 1987 by former members of Hereford Sub-Aqua Club.

Marches Sub-Aqua meets twice in the month.

One evening set aside for lectures and social meetings and are held at the Feathers Hotel in Ludlow

One evening set aside for pool training at Ludlow Leisure centre

One weekend is set aside to go open water diving around the UK.

We welcome trained Divers from other organizations that cross over to BSAC on joining Marches sub aqua.

None club members are welcome to join us on any planned trips if diving they must provide evidence of the following

• Have Dived in the last 3 months if not Scuba review will be required local swimming pool carried out by BSAC Instructor
• Up to date dive medical
• Diver qualification from either BSAC or PADI
• Have current diving insurance from organization such as DAN Europe
• Dive officer has the final decision.

To get in touch our email address is marchessubaqua@gmail.com

For further information regarding Scuba Diving with the club please see the information page.